ETERNAL HEARTS NFT Collection on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain Launch Nearing

Attention NFT Collectors!

This is our Launch Schedule  for ETERNAL HEARTS.

ETERNAL HEARTS collection of 10.000 NFTs will launch in July 2022 on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain.

The exact day of the launch will be announced 2 days before the actual  launch on and our news blog.

The launch will be staged in 9 steps of 1.000 ETERNAL HEARTS each and a 10th step with 999 pieces. 

All 10 pieces of the launch will be completed before the end of August 2022.

Starting price for all ETERNAL HEARTS NFTs will be the same, there are no special or rare ETERNAL HEARTS each one is UNIQUE and has its own artistic value.

The last piece of the collection (the one on our logo), will be auctioned last as a special event. This will happen only if every other ETERNAL HEART has been sold, once sold it will  be removed from our logo.

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